Season 3 will be going live in Q2 🔥

Season 3 (Q2)

Any volume from 19 Mar '24 onwards will be carried over to Season 3, revealed in Q2.

Why participate?

  • Previous seasons' rewards have included NFTs and $BANX

  • Leaderboard rewards can be boosted by staking Banx NFTs and/or $BANX: the more player points staked, the higher the boost

How can I earn points?

No exact formula is specified but below are some tips:

  • Only lending/borrowing on banx.gg counts

  • The more you lend/borrow, the more points you earn

  • Time matters: the longer a loan is active = more points

  • Some collections will receive temporary points multipliers (Banx Runners)

There are 2 distinct leaderboards; one for borrowers and one for lenders.

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