Holder benefits

The more Banx you own and stake, the stronger the financial benefits you get

BANX NFT Benefits

Each of our Banx NFTs have two distinct points levels with benefits being proportional to total amount of points levels staked

Partner points

  • $BANX yield via market buybacks using 100% of protocol fees & Banx royalties

  • Governance voting power

Player points

  • Boosts on leaderboard rewards

  • Boost on referral rewards

  • Free Banx loans (once strategic round has closed)

View points

Each Banx' points can be viewed easily on the Tensor marketplace (tensor.trade/trade/banx) and directly in the metadata. For example:

Left Banx has 63 Partner Points, and 1 Player Point

Centre Banx has 40 Partner Points, and 4 Player Points

Right Banx has 59 Partner Points, and 5 Player Points

Depending on their interests, holders can assemble a team of Banx that sway heavily towards Partner Points, Player Points or a nice balance of both.

Best deals are available here: https://frakt-protocol-toolz.vercel.app/bestdeals

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