Holder benefits

The more $BANX you own and stake, the stronger the financial benefits you receive

$BANX Points

The $BANX token has two distinct points levels, with benefits being proportional to each total amount of points staked.

Partner points

  • $BANX yield via market buybacks using 100% of protocol fees & Banx royalties

  • Governance voting power

17,756 $BANX tokens = 1 partner point

Player points

  • Boosts on leaderboard rewards

  • Boost on referral rewards

  • Free loans on Banx NFTs (once fundraising complete)

332,668 $BANX tokens = 1 player points

$HADES rewards

As per the Hadeswap whitepaper:

  • 5% of the entire $HADES supply will be distributed to $BANX stakers

This was granted in return for the Banx team's involvement in the development of Hadeswap.

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