About us

Our OG team launched the first generative art collection on the Solana blockchain (Frakt) on June 7 2021. Since then, we have been building revenue generating NFTxDEFI protocols on Solana.

Jun 2021

Frakt was the first generative art collection on Solana, as well as being the third NFT collection to launch on Solana

Nov 2021

The team behind the Pawnshop Gnomies NFT collection was the first to issue an on-chain NFT loan on Solana

Mar 2022

Merger between Frakt & Pawnshop Gnomies

Jun 2022

Successful Seed Stage Raise (see fundraising announcement)

July 2022

Release of frakt peer-to-pool perpetual loans

Dec 2022

Frakt received a 5% $hades allocation for its contribution to Hadeswap

Apr 2023

Release of frakt peer-to-peer fixed duration loans

June 2023

Mint of the Banx NFT collection to unite the FRAKT and Pawnshop Gnomie communities

July 2023

Release of Banx staking & adventures, distributing 100% of our previous and ongoing revenue to adventures participants

Oct 2023

Rebranding from frakt.xyz to banx.gg and release of our peer to peer Perpetual loans, a first on Solana

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