Tips for lenders

How to have a great lending experience

🧠 There are 2 ways to lend $SOL on Banx

  • Via the Lend page

  • Via the Refinance page

Both options have their advantages and we encourage you to try out both to see what combination works best for you:

1) Lend page

  • Create offers for collections you want to lend against

  • Once an offer is made, sit back and wait for a borrower take your offer

  • Actual offer size taken can be less depending on the amount of SOL users choose to borrow

2) Refinancing auctions

  • Allows you to put your SOL to work instantly by lending to existing loans in search of new lenders

  • You can see exactly what collateral you are lending against (e.g. a rare NFT)

  • However, you have no control over the existing loans' LTVs, so it is likely some loans appearing for refinance will not be within your risk appetite

New refinancing auctions will appear in a dedicated channel in our discord

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